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The new face of the American doctor

If current trends hold, in 20 years Indian-American women will constitute the largest HCP demographic. This, needless to say, will drastically change the raft of pharma and health marketing aimed at physicians and other caregivers – in terms of content, tone and delivery mechanisms. MM&M explores the imminent changes to HCP demography, surveying media habits, channel usage and engagement preferences of this cohort.

PLUS: Analysis of demographic data supplied exclusively to MM&M and a profile of a physician who embodies some of the anticipated demographic change

What’s So Funny ‘Bout Drugs, Devices and Diagnostics?

At a media event celebrating the Chronic-Con get-together for patients with chronic conditions, a quartet of panelists discussed their experiences with diabetes, depression, psoriasis and other conditions. What they shared was mostly notable for the manner in which they shared it: With enough attitude and humor to reduce attendees to hysterics. Given the prominence of humor in online disease communities, is it time for pharma to attempt to add humor to its marketing appeals?

Copay accelerators run into their first major challenge

As late as last January, MM&M reported that copay accelerators could be a “force to be reckoned with” in 2019. Fast forward 10 months, and the outlook appears quite different. On January 1, Virginia’s law prohibiting copay accelerators goes into effect and several other states have pending legislation to the same end. How will drugmakers adapt? And how do patient groups feel about the changes?

Preview: CES Health 2020

MM&M sits down with CES Health organizers and panelists to present the definitive preview of health-tech’s fastest-growing event.