mmm november 2019 health influencer 50 michael phelps

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MM&M and PRWeek unveil their annual ranking of the most influential individuals in health. In this edition, we present the people who are making waves, touching lives and improving outcomes across the health marketing and PR spectrum.

Included in this year’s list are those leaders, innovators and celebrities whose followers, clients and peers turn to them for thought leadership, and whose actions drive results. The ranking includes those working in and around pharma companies, health devices, media, government and advocacy. The list includes a profile of each individual along with trenchant explanations of what makes each so influential.

The rise of the celebrity health influencer

In the old days—maybe 18 months ago—the only sources people turned to for health information were the usual holders and keepers of traditional wisdom. Enter Twitter and Instagram, which afford everyone a platform from which to dispel beliefs and motivation. We take a deep dive into the world of celebrity influencers—many of whom appear on our list—and explain why a public hungry for information is turning to unlikely sources, and explore what the cross-polination of celebrity and health information and motivation could mean for marketers going forward.