January 2016 Private View.pdf

I love work that’s simple, motivating and visual. I just wish we did more of it. 

But it’s a new year. Let’s all commit to creating work in 2016 that inspires. And most important, let’s commit to creating work that not only changes behavior but also changes outcomes.

To get us started, here is some cross-channel work that breaks healthcare barriers and feels as if it was done for the audience, not just the brand.

Beauty is bone deep

Agency: Energy BBDO, Chicago 

What’s sexier than bones, right? Bones are only sexy if we are talking about those of an idea. But Citracal has managed to create a healthcare packaged goods ad that makes the skeleton of 54-year-old Lillian hot.

Placentum Shampoo: Superhero

Agency: Koenig & Partners, Guayaquil, Ecuador 

Your hair is important. For better or worse, it’s one of the attributes that helps define who you are—and who you are not. Would you rather people think of you as Superman or as Lex Luthor? I enjoy the comedic nature of this campaign as well as viewers’ engagement as they commit to who they want to be. Your hair defines you. Take care!

Singapore Red Cross Connection 

Agency: McCann Health 

Blood donations at any given point vary by a little or a lot. When you download the Singapore Red Cross Connection app and connect through your Facebook account, you become part of something really big. When a blood type is running low, you get an alert for both your nearest donation center and your Facebook friends. It’s a virtual blood drive! It’s smart. It’s simple. And so is donating blood.

The Spinning Living Room

Agency: Medulla Communications, Mumbai 

What better way to let people understand you know what they are going through than to show them? Vertigo or dizziness is experienced by patients around the world. This ad is wonderfully visual, smart and clutter-busting. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to get a doctor’s attention or get patients to raise their hand; this campaign is visually relevant anywhere on the planet.

Doctors of the World: More Than a Costume

Agency: Publicis Kaplan­Thaler, New York 

Ebola is one of the craziest things out there, and a Halloween costume during an Ebola scare was in bad taste. That said, Doctors of the World turned an incredibly controversial social story into something good. The Doctors of the World campaign not only gave people “permission” to wear that costume, but it also asked people to donate a real one, too. In seven days this campaign helped outfit some 4,500 doctors so they could save lives in West Africa.