Depending on where you go for your news, you may have a vastly different impression about the extent to which vaccine mandates are supported or opposed. While most research has found that Americans are largely OK with — if not fully in favor of — such requirements, a vocal minority has made its feelings known, and certain segments of the media have amplified them.

To an extent, then, attempting to gauge the country’s attitudes toward vaccine mandates is a fool’s errand. However, The Harris Poll and Fast Company weren’t deterred and chose to examine opinion around mandates within a very specific context: The white-hot labor market. 

One can interpret the results multiple ways. Mandate supporters will trumpet the finding that 35% of respondents are much more likely to accept a job offer from an employer with a mandate in place and claim that such policies are a lure. Mandate opponents will note that 19% are much less likely to accept an offer from that employer and stress how much this potentially hobbles short-staffed employers forced to abide by a regulation with which they don’t agree. However you read it, it’s a mess.

The labor market weighs in on COVID-19 vaccine mandates
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