After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 36, Weingard left Microsoft to establish Fit4D, a diabetes and chronic condition management company.

Initially overwhelmed, Weingard received so much personalized support from a certified diabetes educator named Cecelia that, in January 2019, he rebranded Fit4D as Cecelia Health.

“Despite having the resources and education to potentially navigate this life-changing condition, I realized I had no idea where to start,”

Weingard said when announcing the name change. “It was clear everyone diagnosed with diabetes needs a Cecelia.”

Cecelia Health helps patients, providers, health plans and pharma and device companies address the biggest challenges associated with diabetes: nonadherence and the inability for patients to consistently change behavior to manage their disease. According to the company, patients enrolled in the coaching program increase medication adherence by 30%, and average patient engagement levels are 25% to 40% higher than the industry standard of 10% to 15%.