In the wake of numerous studies showing the majority of asthma patients do not use their inhalers correctly, Dr. Yechiel Engelhard went to work. Enter the GeckoCap — a bolt-on device designed to motivate children to properly use their inhalers — which Engelhard invented in 2012.

After receiving feedback from doctors and parents, Engelhard and his company, Gecko Health Innovations, broadened their focus to include adult respiratory patients. Gecko soon launched CareTRx, a platform for respiratory inhalers that combines a sensor device, data analytics platform, accessible user interface and behavioral triggers to help respiratory patients track their inhaler use.

In 2015, Engelhard led Gecko through a successful acquisition by Teva Pharmaceuticals. Teva integrated Engelhard’s technology into its ProAir Digihaler Inhalation Powder, the first digital inhaler with built-in sensors that detect when the inhaler is used and measure respiratory flow.

As head of digital health at Teva, Engelhard manages commercial, marketing and product development efforts for the company’s digital portfolio. Before that, as a practicing physician, he held roles in healthcare systems and gained hands-on experience in healthcare delivery workflow, clinical practice, medical management and technology implementation.