At GSK and over the course of his career, Ian Marks has been an advocate for enabling patients — the prime consumers of care — to harness the skills and expertise of doctors, drug manufacturers and technologists. He works to place the power of informed decision-making into patients’ hands through innovative tools such as digital apps that enable consumers to track biometrics and determine health needs.

In his four years at GSK, Marks has contributed to efforts to expand the company’s portfolio. He was among the drivers of the creation of GSK’s Rx to OTC Switch Center and its emerging science group.

“The nature of innovation is spontaneous, sporadic and serendipitous, with probability far lower than drawing the joker in a card game,” Marks wrote in a recent blog post. He went on to share some of his strategies for leading innovation teams, which include the needs to fit the right talent to the right role, to make innovation a key priority for senior leadership, to fixate on measuring what matters and to let failure be an option.

Before GSK, Marks spent 13 years at Novartis and almost three years at Roche Pharmaceuticals.