Lynda Brown-Ganzert founded Vancouver-based Curatio to bring patients together through personalized private networks that use social interaction to spark behavioral change and compliance. The company’s platform, which is licensed to payers, providers and pharma and research organizations in 80 countries, combines social network theory with daily disease management tools to aid in patient acquisition and retention.

In one scenario, the Curatio team brought together a group of women who suffered from heart disease. After the women spent 45 minutes a day participating in virtual visits, Curatio observed statistically significant improvements in their health outcomes and adherence.

Before Curatio, Brown-Ganzert founded several other startups. She also held executive positions at Edelman and Nordicity and served as president of New Media BC (now DigiBC), an industry association. She is chair emerita at Canada’s Simon Fraser University and a director of the Canada Foundation for Innovation.