Mahesh Naithani’s dream of creating a comprehensive resource for scientific information began 16 years ago, when he started collecting all publicly available abstracts from global medical conferences. Today, Pharmaspectra’s online repository of medical science information includes 16 million meeting presentations, 28 million publication abstracts and 417,000 clinical trial results. The company provides automated solutions that contextualize and analyze scientific evidence for 18 of the top 25 pharmaceutical firms in the world.

Pharmaspectra’s breakout product is its Share of Scientific Voice platform, used by pharma companies to identify when a drug or medical message is gaining prominence within medical science literature. It tracks the uptake of medical messaging on social media, as well as in or around journals, conferences, presenters and authors.

Naithani has more than 30 years of senior management experience in syndicated market research. He previously founded and sold two companies, Patient Care International and HCI.