Suki is an AI- and voice-enabled digital assistant for physicians that’s designed to decrease the amount of time they spend entering data into their computers. It employs a combination of voice commands to create a clinically accurate note that is pushed into an EHR.

Launched by Punit Soni and his partner, Karthik Rajan, in May 2018, Suki says first-year pilot programs across multiple specialties show up to a 70% reduction in the amount of time physicians spend on notes.

And the platform is getting smarter: Suki has partnered with three different EHR systems and seven medical specialties. In March, the company announced its most recent deal, this one with not-for-profit Sutter Home, a network of 60,000 physicians, employees and volunteers in northern California. Sutter will introduce Suki in three clinical practice areas: primary care, dermatology and orthopedics.

Soni was an adviser to a number of tech startups prior to founding Suki. He also spent 10 years at Google and its subsidiary Motorola Mobility and served as chief product officer at Flipkart.