Richard Vincent has set his sights on addressing a troubling market void: the billions of people globally who do not have access to safe surgery because of a lack of trained surgeons. His company’s solution involves using technology to augment a training system long focused on classroom theory, operating room observation and cadaver-based teaching.

FundamentalVR’s primary offering is Fundamental Surgery, a subscription-based surgical education and skills simulator that taps VR, cutting-edge haptics and readily available off-the-shelf equipment to create low-cost and scalable surgical simulations that are accessible to surgical students even in the poorest and most remote regions of the world. Fundamental Surgery touts access to low-cost simulations through an internet connection and readily available equipment for less than $8,000.

Before cofounding FundamentalVR, Vincent was the CEO of Smartfusion, a mobile digital business he cofounded and sold to Omnicom Group.