Should doctors really be spending time playing video games? Sam Glassenberg thinks so.

Glassenberg, a video game exec, had an idea to transform physician education that he brought to life with the formation of Level Ex, a medical video game company. The mobile games incorporate realistic anatomical depictions and present engaging challenges that can elevate a physician’s skills. Level Ex offers games in pulmonology, gastroenterology and anesthesiology, with other specialties on the way.

During gameplay, the company’s apps showcase the latest techniques, medical devices and drug therapies. Level Ex also plays nice with pharma: It incorporated a game involving Baxter’s Suprane, an anesthetic perceived as difficult to dose, into its app. Engagement was significant: Several thousand physicians played the game in just the first three months.

Prior to Level Ex, Glassenberg was the CEO of an independent studio that created games around entertainment properties. He also spent several years at Microsoft, serving as the senior lead program manager of the DirectX graphics team.