With so much of the content across Condé Nast’s 20-plus brands relating to health and wellness, Michel Ballard saw an opportunity to launch new vehicles for advertising and create data-related products to move health storytelling forward. She led her team in building out the company’s biggest data product, Spire. The result: Many pharma advertising clients increased investment in the platform’s audience-targeting capabilities.

Leveraging Spire also allowed Ballard to build partnerships with health data providers over the past 18 months. This led to a surge in better access to influential audiences within the pharma industry.

Prior to arriving at Condé Nast, Ballard served as chief digital officer of Chicago Public Media, Chicago’s NPR station. In that role, she oversaw the sales team, revenue operations and product development. Ballard also spent nearly seven years at Everyday Health as SVP of consumer, health and wellness.