Illustration credit: A.E. Kieren

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, founder, THINK-Health

Health economist Sarasohn-Kahn is helping drive collaboration between traditional healthcare companies and a broader set of health stakeholders to meet the “Triple Aim” of reducing healthcare costs per patient, enhancing the care experience and driving health outcomes. “We’re morphing from healthcare to health [as] people’s definition of health extends beyond physical health,” she explains. “So work in forecasting the health economy now focuses on broader, complementary aspects of health. The exciting innovation right now is in working with companies that aren’t part of the legacy healthcare system but include food, tech and financial services companies—organizations that help bolster and manage health.”

Sarasohn-Kahn notes that in the value-based world, pay is based on performance and outcomes. “The risk for the legacy players in the healthcare ecosystem is not getting ahead of this curve. My job is to break down barriers between the traditional players and new players so they can work together to drive the Triple Aim.”