Of all the players moved to change by the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are perhaps the most change-resistant. But for Poblete, that’s created huge potential for disruption. “It’s spurred the insurance industry to be a retail industry. And given the availability of health data and all the technology innovations we have, it’s a moment of enormous opportunity,” she says. So after years working for Wellpoint, she launched Wellthie, a software company that helps insurance companies create platforms to better interact with consumers. Needless to say, it’s not easy. “Insurance products are complicated for consumers to understand, and they are already faced with information overload.”

As a result, Wellthie’s strategy is to look at consumers holistically. “When they interact with the insurance company, they don’t think of themselves as a Medicare patient or a Medicaid patient. They just see themselves as consumers,” Poblete explains. “We bring simplicity. In a world that’s complex, we want to make things easy and quick.” The overarching goal is to remove stress from a landscape that—at least right now—remains crowded with pain points. “We’ll help consumers go beyond the question of, ‘What is the best plan for me?’ and help them understand how to seek the best care within their plan.”