Illustration credit: A.E. Kieren

Sander Flaum, Principal, Flaum Navigators

Long one of the industry’s most connected agency-side execs—and one of its biggest mensches—Flaum registers as a Transformer not because he’s breaking new ground in health tech (he isn’t), but because he continues to trumpet the value of leadership and mentorship at a time when both are in short supply. As it turns out, these two supposedly old-school activities matter as much in 2016 as they did decades ago, when Flaum was leading Havas (née Euro RSCG) during one of its most successful eras. As a result, Flaum remains a prized confidant to health marketers old and young.

“Not that we ever didn’t, but we need leaders in this business,” he says. “Leaders are the ones who can get the lawyers past ‘no you can’t’ and the ones who can help us all get past the bad press we’re getting [as an industry]. There’s the right thing and the good thing—who’s to say we can’t do both?”