Finn Partners is adding Medika.Life, a global health-sector opinion and news platform, as a unique operating unit, effective at the start of next year.

Medika.Life hosts more than 40 authors who cover content across general medicine, health policy, ecohealth, disease awareness and issues of interest for patients, payers and providers.

The acquisition will bring another facet to Finn’s multimedia platform after adding Pharmacy Podcast Network

“Finn is a leader in the field of health with a strong set of values of inclusion, believing in access to care that includes access across race and gender identification,” said Finn Partners global health chair Gil Bashe. “Medika.Life in parallel has the same values.”  

Bashe will take on the additional agency role of Medika.Life editor-in-chief, and he and Noah Finn, MP of integrated marketing, will act as co-publishers to support platform operations. 

Medika.Life editors-in-chief Robert Turner and Jeffrey Livingston will assume the roles of founding editors-in-chief emeritus. Livingston, a board-certified ob/gyn, is also editor-in-chief of Being Well on Medium, which will continue its collaboration with Medika.Life by sharing content across platforms. 

Technology theorist John Nosta, contributor to Bloomberg, Forbes, Fortune and Psychology Today will join the platform and additional editors and authors will be added in the months ahead.

Bashe said that Medika.Life will maintain its independence under the Finn umbrella, with a separation between news coverage and Finn Partners clients.  

“In addition to supporting the authors, we’re also thinking about the 100,000 monthly readership we have an obligation to,” Finn said. “Our role is to support and sustain the platform to better address the needs of the readers and the authors, and help them connect in an authentic way.”