Aiming for a focus on “human purpose,” Havas Health & You has revamped its network positioning and brought in a new chief content officer to help execute it. The agency announced the news at “The Future of Health,” a Thursday afternoon virtual event that took a big-picture look at the state of the health and wellness union.

The new HH&Y positioning will focus on innovation, content, customer experience and technology, global chief strategy officer Brian Robinson said at the event, noting that the updated branding aims to cement the company’s focus on people and communities.

“The future will be thinking about people, not patients… and how we can help to improve their quality of life overall,” Robinson explained, adding that the firm wants to help build brands that create deeper emotional ties. 

“This is an essential part of our continued growth,” he continued. “It gives technology purpose and value. Regardless of the incredible rate of change, in my 30 years in health and wellness the continuing guiding light we have is human purpose.”

Robinson noted that, given the newfound COVID-era respect for and reliance on science, biopharma companies have a huge opportunity to reaffirm their value and establish their position among the most respected brands regardless of sector. “They’ll accomplish this with our support,” he said confidently.

“The Future of Health” also included a presentation by Brian Harris, CEO of digital therapeutics company MedRhythms, who pointed to “novel interventions and novel delivery methods” as one of the main potential drivers of industry growth.

“I think building digital therapeutics and the ability of software and technology to deliver care is going to be the way of the future,” he said.

Harris added that data is power. “With the data, we can actually make the interventions better, understand our patients’ trajectories better… and better understand when to intervene and at the right moment,” he said. “So not only can we intervene with these novel interventions, but [we can] understand better how to intervene over time.”

HH&Y’s addition of former Vice Media publisher and “Some Good News with John Krasinski” co-creator Lars Bengston as chief content officer coincides with the launch of Havas Content Assembly, described by the company as a collective of creators focused on innovative storytelling. 

“In one year, the world’s perception of our industry transformed before our eyes,” Bengston said. “What you do and how you communicate now plays a larger role in culture than ever before. This new attention brings new opportunity to deepen relationships with HCPs and patients across the expanse of medicine, health and well-being, individually and at scale.”