Omnichannel continues to be the name of the game in healthcare marketing and that trendline is expected to hold steady heading into 2023. 

CMI Media Group released the 2022 edition of its Media Vitals report Wednesday, highlighting the prospects of an omnichannel-dominant world and what it would mean for patient outcomes. 

The healthcare industry is moving at a quicker pace and marketers need to respond in kind to advancements in technology along with an evolution in terms of how content is distributed and consumed, the report stated.

There has been a clear decline in pharma rep access and KOL meetings while patient care delivered through telemedicine has risen, creating a greater need for medical information to be dispensed outside of a doctor’s office. 

Additionally, CMI predicted that hybrid opportunities will remain constant in 2023 as more in-person meetings get restored after going largely virtual during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Toby Katcher, VP of video investment at CMI, said due to the changing nature of healthcare marketing, brands need to be “adaptable” and explore new ways to communicate and engage with both consumers and healthcare professionals by bolstering the end-to-end experience.

“Omnichannel experiences are realized upon the expansion of potential channels that go beyond those directly managed by marketing,” he said.

While there are challenges related to the growing popularity of omnichannel, the report stated that driving personalization through data analytics and technology has to become the new standard for marketers. This is especially key since HCPs now receive content through so many different, disconnected channels.

There are opportunities to promote “seamless experiences” for consumers that remove the friction and make interfacing with a brand much simpler. By relying on an omnichannel strategy first and foremost, marketers can deliver consistent, relevant experiences for HCPs and patients at key points along the decision journey. This ultimately results in a competitive edge in the industry. 

The report offers yet another analysis of omnichannel engagement and how some organizations need to walk the walk if they’re going to talk the talk.

The CMI report was released the same week as an Aktana study that found half of healthcare companies don’t optimize physician engagement across omnichannel touchpoints. This was despite a near-unanimous agreement that omnichannel is “very important” for strategy. 

The Media Vitals report was also released one month after CMI, a 2022 MM+M Agency 100 honoree, announced the addition of three leaders to its audience intelligence group.