The employee who quit and then reappeared, without a word of explanation, three weeks later. The employee who presented his boss with a list of demands that included underwriting his emotional support pet expenses. The (would-be) employee who accepted a job offer and then ghosted her (would-be) employer.

Over the course of our reporting this year — both for company-specific projects like the Agency 100 and broader features — there’s been a single recurring thread: Medical marketers can’t hire people fast enough. As a result, the employment climate has proven… let’s go with “less buttoned-down”… than it usually is. Stories about extreme behavior, both by existing and prospective employees, abound.

So in the wake of the unprecedented job market of the last 18 months, we’re asking you to share your weirdest, funniest and most bewildering hiring and retention stories. We’ll publish them in MM+M’s October 2022 print edition, which will be headlined by our annual Career and Salary Survey, and across our digital channels.
Send your best stories to MM+M’s Larry Dobrow at [email protected]. Thanks in advance.