Nearly a year after Interpublic Group combined FCB Health and McCann Health to form IPG Health, the company has debuted 90North, an agency brand designed to make better use of data.

90North grew out of what IPG Health chief commercial officer Mike Guarino characterized as a goal “to connect and be interoperable across all of our different offices and offerings.”

“Part of that is continuing to upgrade our offerings — coming up with new approaches, new systems and processes, and even new companies,” Guarino explained. “Our role is to make sure we’re always adding value and understanding where our clients’ challenges and needs are.”

90North’s three main components — Futurescape, Living Journey and Empathy Engine — seek to more effectively mine real-world data to drive better real-world outcomes.

“As an industry, we generate an incredible amount of data, but we haven’t necessarily figured out a way to harness it,” noted 90North president Hilary Gentile. “We’re going to take the data that our clients are already generating and paying for and make sense of it, then come up with insights in real-time without making it laborious. It’s about making it a little bit more fun and approachable.”

Futurescape aims to provide a big-picture perspective on marketplace signals and trends. Living Journeys, examines claims data and uses it to glean how people — doctors, patients, pharmacists, nurses and more — make decisions. Empathy Engine is true to its name in seeking to better understand patients through data.

“Empathy is putting yourself in someone’s shoes, and it’s sometimes hard to do that through data,” Gentile explained. “Empathy Engine translates millions of words, because words are the connection between information and action. We’re able to decode what people actually mean by what they say.”

All of this ties into the meaning behind 90North’s brand. The name is based on the coordinates of the North Pole and is intended to depict new directions and growth areas.

“90North is the place in the world where there’s no latitude or longitude, where you can set a new direction. That was very purposeful,” Gentile explained. “When we’ve been sharing this with our clients, they love the fact that we’re taking a step back, looking at the world with a new lens, and unlocking data to understand their market, people and decisions better.”

90North, which formally debuted this week, is staffed by social scientists, medical experts and experience engineers.