Patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis can purchase a new iPhone application to keep an accurate record of their symptoms, and transfer the information to doctors.

The “GI Monitor” app was designed by Brett Shamosh, CEO and founder of WellApps, Inc. Shamosh was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 16, and found traditional symptom logs cumbersome and unmanageable. After 18 years with the disease, Shamosh decided to use his background in digital media to create a technology for other patients with similar conditions.

“The application doesn’t replace a doctor’s diagnosis, but it can help to improve care,” said Shamosh. “Doctors can use patients’ data and treat them accordingly.”

For $4.99 at Apple’s online App Store, the GI Monitor allows patients to log the frequency of bowel movements, consistency and blood level of stool, and pain/stress levels. Keeping track of these symptoms on a mobile device makes sense, because “you have a PDA with you,” said Shamosh. The inputted information is organized into detailed logs which can be emailed directly to a doctor or family member.

Shamosh launched WellApps two months ago, and said the GI Monitor application was modular built, allowing the technology to be integrated into other apps currently in development for depression and hypertension.

Currently, Shamosh has no plans to incorporate advertising into the app, but says the idea can’t be ruled out definitively. Shamosh plans to collect the data from GI Monitor users in the future, and provide it for doctors to help optimize treatment, he said. The GI Monitor app will be released for BlackBerry devices soon, according to a company statement.