As part of an effort to better educate nurses on issues around pulmonary hypertension (PH) and pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), Janssen has debuted “PHrontline Conversations,” an educational series that will run on Facebook Live.

The series is designed to highlight and strengthen the connection nurses have with the PH patient community. It counts among its goals giving nurses a better understanding of PAH assessments and health disparities among patients.

“The overarching goal of this program is to provide nurses with an opportunity to learn more about the critical issues impacting patients who are living with this rare and progressive disease, and facilitate discussion around topics at the intersection of what is important to the nursing community and patients,” explained Howard Reid, VP of marketing, pulmonary hypertension at Janssen.

By way of example, the most recent episode of “PHrontline Conversations” focused on how nurses can empower patients to become more active in their own care. In that episode, which can be found on the program’s landing page, Reid moderated a discussion involving two PH nurses as well as a PAH patient advocate.

Photo credit: Janssen.

“Nurses so often are the ones who make a patient’s journey personal,” Reid noted. “Patients are sometimes afraid to ask for help or ask why something is happening. That’s why we focused this episode on the importance of nurses empowering patients in their PAH treatment journey to be an active part of their care.”

The series’ first episode, meanwhile, covered best practices in assessing patients for PAH and maintaining open communication with them about their treatment journeys. According to Janssen, the first episode attracted 40 live viewers and 400 more after the fact on Facebook.

“We know that people want to hear from those that have walked in their shoes,” Reid said. “We want to offer enriching resources for nurses, by nurses.”

Janssen manufactures a handful of top-selling PAH drugs, including Uptravi and Opsumit.