Kaiser Permanente has rebranded its physician group, Permanente Medical Group, to emphasize a unified and clear approach to healthcare.

The new brand, Permanente Medicine, is meant to represent Kaiser Permanente’s healthcare philosophy, said Dr. Stephen Parodi, EVP of external affairs, communications, and brand for The Permanente Federation and associate executive director of The Permanente Medical Group.

The rebranding includes a new website and visuals, including a new logo, to unite the eight regions of the Permanente Medical Group. The group is made up of more than 22,000 doctors

“The idea was to bring greater clarity about what we represent,” Parodi said. “Permanente Medicine is our philosophy, it’s what guides our clinical practice. We wanted to highlight what our philosophy is: we care for our patients, each other, and our communities with compassion, humanity, dignity, and respect. It’s a message that needs to be in heard in the din of the healthcare debate right now.”

The eight groups are located across the country, with regional presences in Colorado, Hawaii, the Mid-Atlantic, the Northwest, the Southeast, Northern California, Southern California, and Washington State.

The visual rebranding also extends to its digital presence, with the eight groups united on the revamped website and on social media. The next step is bringing together the group’s recruitment websites and other digital assets, Parodi said.

As the medical group has grown from one state to eight regions, the need to create a unified brand became clear, Parodi said. Under one brand, the physician groups have a larger voice to advocate for the healthcare system they, and Kaiser Permanente, want to move toward.

“With the healthcare debate that’s going on in the country, the fact we’re providing patient-centered, high-quality healthcare is something we need to amplify,” Parodi said. “There’s a need to show that there is a group of concerned physicians that want to move in this direction, that we do have a unified vision, and the visual identity of the brand should reflect that.”

The Permanente Medicine brand fits into the larger Kaiser Permanente brand by representing its approach to healthcare across every facet of its business. Kaiser Permanente is comprised of three units: the medical groups, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan.

“Our unique structure of medical groups, hospitals, and health plans allow us to work in partnership to keep the patient in the center of our care,” Parodi said. “The key ingredient is the practice of Permanente Medicine.”