Klick Health and healthcare software firm Komodo Health today announced a partnership around Komodo’s Healthcare Map real-world data and analytics platform. The agreement gives Klick clients coveted access to an increased volume of anonymized data around patient encounters.

The data should prove incredibly useful as Klick attempts to pack its client programs with better insights and more precise targeting. The agency has big plans for Healthcare Map: according to EVP Destry Sulkes, Klick plans on incorporating the platform into around one-third of its client base by the end of the year, with the rest to come in 2022.

The formalization of the Klick/Komodo partnership came after what Sulkes described via email as “a series of informal explorations and validations into both the Healthcare Map and Komodo’s various solutions across the platform.” The relationship between the two organizations, however, dates back to Komodo’s founding in 2014.

“We feel a special connection with our friends at Komodo given that we’ve known them since the company’s inception, and both our companies are entrepreneurial in spirit and have a desire to disrupt and innovate in health,” Sulkes wrote in response to emailed questions. “Last year, we saw a clear path forward with a few clients where we could drive more value using Komodo’s platform.”

Sulkes pointed to a client in the rare disease space that charged Klick with developing a predictive algorithm based on misdiagnosis journeys – “when a patient bounces from specialist to specialist with a complex set of symptoms, leading to lots of inconclusive tests and incorrect diagnoses,” he explained. In conjunction with Komodo, the agency attempted to combat some of the challenges that came with the 10-year average time to accurate diagnosis in the category.

“We were able to help our client improve sales call effectiveness with HCPs seeing high-risk patients, and to engage payors with new pricing cost models based on all the costs they avoid if HCPs reduce the time to diagnosis,” Sulkes said.

Asked whether the two organizations could make the partnership more permanent at some point in the future, Sulkes responded, “There are a lot of synergies between our two companies and we are excited about training our crafts on how to use the platform and giving our clients a competitive edge.”
The announcement represents Komodo’s second major partnership agreement in the last four months. In December, Komodo announced that it would integrate Healthcare Map with OptimizeRx’s digital health and communication platform to broaden life-sciences support at the point of care.