Klick Health made a slew of organizational announcements Wednesday morning, highlighted by the unveiling of its new Studio K production facility and the launch of Klick Brands.

Studio K is a new state-of-the-art broadcast and 360-degree production facility located within the Creative/Production practice at the agency’s headquarters in Toronto. The studio includes a sound stage with a cove wall in addition to an edit suite, audio recording booth and talent green room, among other features. 

Laura Denham, SVP, executive creative producer at Klick, said the agency intends for the space to be used for creating in-house content that stretches the value for its clients. She added the space was designed to be accessible for the creative team, whether they are in the office or working remotely as they have been during the pandemic.

“I’m so impressed by the flexibility of this space, the thoughtful technical design married with not overdoing it and making sure it’s just enough to be able to hit that sweet spot of value, quality and quantity,” Denham said. 

Additionally, Studio K will serve as a facility supporting social strategists and content creators working with the agency through Klick Influence, which was also unveiled Wednesday. 

Brad Einarsen, SVP, social strategy at Klick, said the concept for Klick Influence grew out of the agency’s influencer management capabilities over the past few years and a recognition that healthcare influencers know their audience better than anyone else.

Einarsen said that as pharma brands have rediscovered the value of social media efforts in recent years, the next logical step for agencies such as Klick was to collaborate with influencers and content creators in the space. He noted that while celebrities can bring their own limelight and cache, influencers with small or medium-sized audiences can be even more effective messengers. 

“As the influencer management shop, we focus on that nano-to-macro influencer group,” he said. “Patients are great ambassadors, but they don’t have their own audience [like celebrities do]. We’re working with folks that have that authentic voice and can speak to their audience for the brand.”

The launch of Klick Brands came from a desire to revisit how agencies approach pharma and healthcare brands, according to group design director Jay Schacher. This health-centric approach to brand strategy starts at the inception of a brand, he said, and continues through clinical trials to establish meaningful relationships with HCPs and patients alike. 

“There are a lot of clichés in the pharma space, so we’re trying to change that and create brands that have more of a legacy behind them that people will remember,” Schacher said.

The 2022 MM+M Agency 100 honoree also announced a series of new leadership hires, including Hayes Steinberg as SVP, executive creative director; Brit Till as SVP, executive creative director; Andrea Bistany as dreamer, VP, group creative director; and Amy Fortunato as creator, VP, group creative director. 

Klick also named Jim Chestnutt as VP, supervising producer for 360; Jen Martin as VP, supervising producer for broadcast; and Tamika Knight as VP of business affairs. The agency previously named industry veteran Bernardo Romero as ‘maker’ in May. 

The hiring spree, new production facility and launch of Klick Brands are the latest developments for Klick, which announced plans to open seven overseas offices in June.  

Discussing the corporate announcements, Rich Levy, chief creative officer at Klick, said the agency is always looking forward to opportunities and innovations, especially during this recent period of growth. 

Levy added he views Klick as a “company that is always in beta,” seeking out new approaches to longstanding issues for the sake of healthcare clients and their patients.

“We’re always looking for the next invention, so that means certain types of people come to us who want to work here because they want to help invent and create the next thing,” he said. “They’re not sort of satisfied with the status quo.”