Fresh out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, KV Pharmaceutical has brushed itself off and launched with a new name: Lumara Health. Unlike its predecessor, Lumara is a private company.

The company announced the name change Thursday, the latest of several changes which include a new board of directors, and a reorganization into two divisions—Maternal Health and Women’s Healthcare.

The Maternal Health unit oversees the company’s recurrent pre-term birth prevention medication, Makena. The drug touched off a series of arguments (and lawsuits) between KV Pharma and the FDA, as well as between KV and originating firm Hologic, over the past few years.

KV alleged that the FDA failed to protect the orphan status of Makena, which cost $1,500 per dose when launched but was comprised of components that compounders typically put together for a patient burden of around $20 a dose. KV said the FDA’s unwillingness to defend its protected status jeopardized its businesses.

When KV filed for bankruptcy protection, Hologic sued to retain the rights to Makena, claiming that the drug would lose value while creditors sorted out KV’s assets.

The Women’s Health division is the umbrella unit for products that include menopausal symptom and vaginal infection treatments.

Prior to the rebrand, now-Lumara Health brought on Actavis and MedImmune alum Paul Williams to head up Women’s Health and Gregg Raybuck, formerly of Alere Health, to direct the Maternal Health business.

The company says the new name reflects “the new direction of the company and its renewed focus of helping women achieve healthy lives.” The KV Pharmaceutical LinkedIn description was a little more clinical, reading “KV Pharmaceutical is a specialty pharmaceutical company with a focus on women’s healthcare.”