Medical marketing has a fresh soundtrack for its commercials courtesy of Alibi Music. 

Released Tuesday, “Feel Good Pharma” is an album that includes 12 tracks and 420 audio files for use in pharma ads, marketing and videos.

The collection features “driving, pacing healthcare-themed cues,” according to a company press release, such as “punchy drums, confident basslines and arpeggiated clean guitars and synths.” The album has stems, alt mixes and cut-downs that ALIBI said provides editors with greater versatility in their work and creates music that is “perfect for modern pharmaceutical marketing.”

Alibi is speaking from experience, too, as its production music has been used in ads for several notable healthcare brands like Bristol Myers Squibb, Tylenol, Fluzone and hims & hers, among others.

In addition to the rollout of “Feel Good Pharma,” the company’s founder Jonathan Parks recently authored a blog post outlining the five best practices for hitting the right note with music in pharma marketing.

“For editors cutting pharma ads, the key is finding music that is quickly relatable to your target audience while inspiring hope and reassurance in a thoughtful, friendly way that supports the spot’s problem-solution story arc—simple in concept, yet rather nuanced in execution,” he wrote.

The intersection between music and medical marketing has been on full display over the past year or so, with some brands leaning into the effects of music therapy while others have incorporated songs into their ad campaigns.

In December, Walgreens Find Care partnered with Music Health to provide a “personalized soundtrack” to people living with dementia in the hopes of sparking long-lost memories.

Months before, Nicorette collaborated with the Berklee Music and Health Institute to create SmokeLess Break Beats, a music therapy program to mimic the brain response smokers get from smoking cigarettes, all through sounds instead. 

More recently, the Ad Council, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and SXM Media debuted a 30-second audio spot titled I Get Lost in the Music to highlight the dangers of driving high.

Prior to that, the Ad Council expanded the scope of its Sound It Out campaign with Amazon to create an interactive digital experience where parents and caregivers can tap into their teen’s emotional wellbeing through music.