DTC TV ads for Sepracor’s sleep aid Lunesta were the “most recalled” by consumers, according to new data from the advertising effectiveness rating firm IAG Research. Lunesta’s performance was also significant when compared to all other TV commercials, across all product categories, an IAG Research study conducted between September 2005 and September 2006 found. The “luna moth” that appears in the Lunesta spots, created by McCann-Erickson HumanCare, is recognized by adult viewers at a rate more than twice the average for all other new prescription drug ads, IAG Research said. Ads for Novartis’ irritable bowl syndrome treatment Zelnorm, from Deutsche and spots for Schering-Plough’s Nasonex, created by BBDO New York, also resonated with consumers, the study found. IAG Research’s pharmaceutical practice VP Fariba Zamaniyan said in a statement that “The above-average performances achieved by these brands confirm that direct-to-consumer advertising for prescription drugs can achieve breakthrough and brand recognition, even within the rigid guidelines this category faces.”