Think of a likely spokesperson for an anti-wrinkle injection, and your mind may likely go first to somewhat older female celebrities. At only 33 years old, songwriter and pop icon Joe Jonas may strike some as an unusual choice. 

For Merz, the medical aesthetics business, enlisting the entertainer as the new face of Xeomin represents a chance to appeal to different demographics, specifically both men and women in their 20s and 30s. 

“Thanks to injectables, cosmetic procedures are no longer just for people who want huge changes, or who are deep in battle with the aging process — they’re for millennials, or even, in rarefied cases, members of Gen Z,” as writer Jia Tolentino explained in the New Yorker. Jonas is the first male celebrity brand partner for the product as Merz pursues this younger audience looking for subtle, natural-looking improvements.  

Patrick Urban, president of Merz Aesthetics North America, explains that part of the appeal of Jonas was his ability to communicate how Xeomin can be easily incorporated into a busy schedule. It’s a theme that is emphasized in the 60-second spot that is at the heart of the Beauty on Your Terms campaign. It begins with Jonas leaping out of bed, ready to face the day. 

“Joe makes it a point to prioritize self-care practices that make him feel like the best version of himself,” Urban says. “Whether it is on stage or preparing for a role, he understands the connection between how you look and how you feel. Through this partnership, the campaign is focused on empowering women and men with the freedom to make the aesthetic choices that help them maintain their self-confidence. Joe’s significant broad appeal makes him the perfect partner.”

Jonas’s emphasis on a “less is more” approach to skincare and his concern about what he puts into his body, discussed in the advertising spot, are designed to appeal to those wary of injections and plastic surgery gone wrong stories. 

“Xeomin resonates with people who are seeking natural-looking results, and today’s consumer is also seeking beauty alternatives without unnecessary ingredients,” Urban says. “Xeomin is the first clinically-proven anti-wrinkle injection for frown lines that is double-filtered to keep only the ingredients that work. We’re all trying to eliminate unnecessary things from our lives. Why choose anything but a double filtered anti-wrinkle injection for frown lines that contains no unnecessary ingredients?”

The campaign was launched last week and will be rolled out on social media, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube using the hashtag #SmartTox. Its reach will be further extended with a number of experiential activations and incorporation into “high-profile cultural moments,” to use Urban’s phrase, including New York Fashion Week, where the brand hopes to communicate to a broader audience of customers. 

As Tolentino and other cultural authorities have noted, Instagram and social media broadly have helped to increase the popularity of and decrease the stigma around aesthetics enhancements. It’s a change that Urban hopes the partnership with Jonas will continue in the future. 

“Confidence has a different meaning for each person,” he says. “The spirit of this campaign is about celebrating that unique, personal journey, while encouraging everyone to be unapologetic about self-care and what makes them feel like their best selves.”