MM+M today introduced #WhoPulledYouThrough, an initiative designed to highlight the people and things that inspired members of the medical marketing community during the chaos and disruption of 2020.

We’re asking MM+M readers to share stories about who (or what) pulled them through. We want to hear about the people and things that gave you hope, made you laugh or otherwise made a chaotic year just a little bit more bearable. MM+M will publish responses as they arrive, starting later this week.

Your #WhoPulledYouThrough entry can be a sentence or ten paragraphs long. It can focus on people, TV shows, podcasts, activities around the house, you name it.

The only #WhoPulledYouThrough subject off bounds: Co-workers and clients. Please, no odes to co-workers and clients.

Send your #WhoPulledYouThrough entries to MM+M at [email protected]