MM+M has unveiled the full agenda for its annual Transform conference. The event, set to take place in New York City on April 3, will explore the intersectionality of three essential constituencies: patients, providers and payers. It will assess the myriad challenges and opportunities facing all three groups, including AI’s sudden ascent and the greater need for empathetic use of technology.

The event’s keynote speaker will be Novo Nordisk VP, obesity commercial lead Aneil Batra. During his Novo tenure, Batra has grown the obesity business into a multi-billion-dollar franchise, shifting the cultural zeitgeist and transforming medicine in the process.

Transform will also feature an exclusive morning block of content on artificial intelligence, designed to awaken marketers to the opportunities created by the new technology — and prevent them from repeating the missteps made by the earliest adopters.

“Just as it has in years past, Transform will deliver the most in-depth analysis of the technology and marketing trends set to, well, transform the business,” said MM+M’s Larry Dobrow. “We joke internally that Transform is the smartest day of the year, but there’s some truth to that. It’s the only industry event that delivers both the big picture and the smaller details.”

The Transform 2024 agenda includes:

Moving Toward Weight-Loss Equity: Some 42% of U.S. adults and 20% of children and adolescents are obese, according to the CDC. Yet Medicare and Medicaid are still bound by a 2003 law that considers weight loss a cosmetic issue. What will it take for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to rethink this policy?All Signal and No Static: AI Is Not Coming to Replace You: Many healthcare marketers have come to view AI as an existential threat to their livelihoods. What’s been lost amid the changing landscape is the fact that even AI’s biggest boosters view it merely as a supplementary tool, one that helps marketers perform their jobs more efficiently. This panel will discuss the promise of AI’s job-enhancing benefits and offer some real perspective on how your career can benefit and even prosper thanks to AI.

A Practical Session: The Dos and Don’ts of AI in Health Marketing: Best practices in health marketing usually take years to develop. Given the speed with which AI has captured the industry’s imagination, however, there are already a host of success stories… and cautionary tales. Marketers on both sides of the equation will share their experiences working with AI.

AI and Your Brand Marketing Team: New Roles, New Structures: Your AI team will almost certainly tap the experience of your strategists and brand people. It will also, in all likelihood, include individuals not before found on a health or wellness roster: prompt engineers, language model trainers, techno-ethicists and more. This panel will assess the changing makeup of pharma marketing teams, outlining the most essential roles and responsibilities.

Techno-Empathy and the Marketing Mix: Technology has long been used to make patients’ lives more convenient, at least in theory. Most such efforts, however, have prized efficiency over empathy — which is why the industry’s shift toward using technology to forge more human connections has been received so warmly by marginalized audiences. This panel will highlight the programs and practices that have ushered in the era of techno-empathy.Customer Experience and the Payer: Recent research has revealed that healthcare stakeholders have work to do when it comes to improving customer experience. This panel will focus on health plans’ efforts to “own” the member experience and the key tenets of that experience.Copay Cards: The Many Shades of Pay: When a district court struck down a federal rule that barred copay discounts from counting toward out-of-pocket patient costs, the decision effectively barred insurers from applying copay accumulators for newer drug brands. But while accumulators may be dead, copay maximizers and alternative-funding programs aren’t affected by the decision. This panel will reframe the accumulator case in the context of the larger cat-and-mouse game waged between patient advocates and insurers.

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