For the second year in a row, Klick Health has been named the winner of the MM&M Holiday Contest. This year’s video “Contagious: Holiday Epidemic is Spreading” aimed to make kindness contagious. Originally, the agency planned to donate $10,000 to the Fred Rogers Center, an organization that supports the healthy development of children.

After surpassing its original goal of 10,000 views, the agency has now doubled down on donations. If the video reaches 10 million views by New Year’s, Klick will donate $20,000.

“We’ve been producing holiday videos starring Klicksters and showcasing our culture for a decade. This year, we decided to lean into kindness as it’s one of our cultural behaviors and we hope that it will inspire people to act a little kinder and help make the world a better place,” said chief creative officer Rich Levy.

“Kindness as a theme resonated with us because it’s linked to better health outcomes, such as lower blood pressure and social anxiety,” Levy continued. “So we challenged ourselves to use creative storytelling to help make kindness contagious and we’re proud that it’s been viewed almost six million times in a week.”

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