At MM&M we’ve noticed over the years that healthcare marketers aren’t concerned merely with sharpening their physician, patient and payer messaging. While blocking and tackling is certainly important, our readers also hunger to learn more about the tectonic shifts impacting the healthcare ecosystem and how these emerging trends may affect them.

The MM&M Transforming Healthcare was created just for this purpose. It’s a conference enabling pharma and med device marketers to explore healthcare’s cutting edge, as well as to meet with startups and mingle with like-minded industry pros.

The fifth annual MM&M Transforming Healthcare Conference takes place all on a single day—May 8, 2019—at the Edison Ballroom in New York City. (Click here for a detailed listing of topics and speakers, and to register.)

Disruptors and technologists will join marketing and coverage experts as faculty. The topics chosen were those in which the rapid rate of change, and relevance to industry, pose potential opportunities and challenges. Below is a sampling.

The opening keynote, Priscilla Beal, head of Bayer’s US Healthcare Innovation team (perhaps best known for its accelerator, originally dubbed Grants4Apps), is emblematic of how marketers have embraced a larger conversation around health. External innovation, in which companies look to startups for new business models, is one of the hottest areas now for pharma. How to make those tie-ups more effective will be the subject of her talk.

“We’re really good at a lot of things. Spending time on niche technologies and niche applications of those technologies is something that we can do…but we aren’t expert at it all the time. There are other people out there that are better at it,” said Beal in a recent episode of The MM&M Podcast.

She runs the pharma’s open innovation engine and is fast becoming an impresario of pharma-digital health tie-ups. (G4A’s early success stories include Budapest startup Turbine, which algorithmically finds combination cancer treatments, and Toronto-based, AI-powered drug design startup Cyclica.) She plans to offer her partnering tips and vision for the future of external innovation.

Bookending the conference will be closing keynote Amanda Daley, VP medical sales & education, for Canopy Growth and Spectrum Cannabis, one of the world’s largest producers of medical cannabis.

Daley oversees the medical strategy for Canopy, including the medical sales team, and the creation and implementation of CME programs. She plans to speak to the firm’s strategy in Canada with physicians, including education and marketing activities, specifically how it’s upping doctors’ comfort level with medical cannabis and what kinds of med-ed and marketing tactics are resonating.

Daley, whose background includes 15 years in the pharma industry including a decade at Pfizer Canada, will talk about transitioning from pharma to the cannabis industry, and what marketers should consider to get in on the ground floor as that industry takes shape here in the U.S.

Between the two keynotes are a number of topical panels, exploring everything from how doctors are retooling for the practice of telemedicine, to what are the ethical ramifications of consumers controlling their genomics data, to why value-based reimbursement has yet to realize its potential. And, as they say, much more.

The agenda covers some of the aforementioned “blocking and tackling,” too, with sessions on how chatbots are changing the health marketing playbook, and on the pharmacy’s role in point-of-care media.

These are just some of the topics in store for attendees at the May 8 conference. Click here for more information on the conference, and to hear a live interview with Canopy Growth’s Amanda Daley, register here for MM&M’s pre-conference webcast coming up on April 11.