Medical marketers had to devote considerable energy during 2021 to non-creative pursuits, like vaccine policies and ventilation. Happily — and unsurprisingly — the work itself did not disappoint. Here are some of the most popular stories about campaigns MM+M published this year.

1. Celebrating the “joy of nothing”

In marketing a new contact lens, Alcon focused on comfort rather than technical wizardry.

2. Whimsical campaign, serious message

GlaxoSmithKline used a bright palette and lively animation to raise awareness about the prevalence of whooping cough in adults.

3. A would-be epic in 60 seconds: Acadia and Strikeforce go cinematic for Parkinson’s treatment

The marketers created a “love story” to bring attention to Parkinson’s disease psychosis drug Nuplazid.

4. 6 campaigns with stellar storytelling and animation

Moon Rabbit’s Johnny Dantonio surveyed several ad campaigns that cleared both the entertainment and impact bars.

5. It’s in the (therapeutic) game

Akili Interactive placed emotional warmth and authenticity at the center of its “Made for the Mind You Love” push for the ADHD video game EndeavorRx.

6. YouTube series aims to stem teen suicide

The platform’s animated series sought to encourage conversations around teen suicide and mental health.