Publisher Wolters Kluwer Health took a deep dive in mobile use among nurses and turned up some information that could be of interest to advertisers and content creators.

Among the findings was evidence that even though 77% of nurse managers and 58% of staff nurses said they used mobile devices such as phone and tablets at the workplace for at least 30 minutes of every shift, they also indicated that work-related explorations did not necessarily adhere to the typical shift schedule. For example, Wolters Kluwer found that healthcare workers “are more than twice as likely to use social media frequently/regularly away from work than at work to follow healthcare issues and topics.”

This is of particular note because about 50% said their healthcare organizations block access to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or YouTube if they are using the company internet, and 71% of those who said they were twice as likely to use social media to look up health-related information after clocking out used YouTube more than Facebook when off-campus.

Wikipedia was more accessible for healthcare workers, with 64% reporting that they are able to consult the crowd-sourced pages when relying on corporate internet connections. This adds additional heft to Wikipedia’s standing as a medical resource—the IMS Institute for Health Informatics reported in January that medical professionals rely on the resource, but Harvard Medical School researchers noted in June that the pharmaceutical industry should really stay on top of product-related Wiki pages because they are often out of date.

At-work social media access may also vary with professional title—Wolters Kluwer found some pretty big gaps in terms of which employees could access which resources using the company internet. For example, 61% of staff nurses could not get onto Pinterest, while only 56% of hospital educators could not look at pinned items, and 43% of staff nurses could not log into LinkedIn using the corporate internet, but only 26% of nurse managers said they could not access the professional networking site.

There is also a bit of confusion about whether or not employers want employees to surf for information. Almost half—48% of survey participants—said their employers say it’s a good idea to look online for information, but 15% of staff nurses reported that their employers consider online media a last resort or strictly prohibited, whereas only 5% of nurse managers and 6% of hospital educators said they experience a similar restriction.