Agency The Bliss Group has promoted Cortney Stapleton to CEO, effective on Monday. 

Stapleton is transitioning from the role of managing partner, taking over for Bob Pearson, who moves into the role of chair. 

Stapleton will prepare the firm for a sustainable growth path led by new practice development and the integration of data science and analytics throughout its entire offering, the agency said in a statement. 

“We want to help organizations discover the best way for them to improve society and also meet their goals at the same time,” Stapleton said. “That’s very important to us and me, personally, to make sure that we’re helping organizations that are completely focused and driven by purpose, as well as helping really large companies or small companies figure out how to talk to the world about their mission, vision values and their purpose.”

Stapleton said that becoming the head of the firm is a natural progression from her role, and it boosts a woman in a senior leadership position to the top spot. She said that she’s excited to continue to work with a list of leaders, including cofounders Pearson and managing partner Michael Roth. 

Stapleton’s previous role as managing partner will not be filled.

“One of the unique things about Bliss and one of the reasons I stayed for 20 years and reinvented my career multiple times is that there aren’t a lot of companies that allow you to do that,” Stapleton said.” I guess you could say I’m reinventing my career one more time by becoming the CEO.”

Stapleton has played a key role in building the professional, business and financial services practices of the firm, as well as the launch of purpose-driven offering Bliss Impact and technology shop NextTech Communications.

The agency also launched Bliss Bio, a healthcare initiative, last year, with plans to continue a focus on professional services, financial services, healthcare and tech in partnerships with clients this year. 

As CEO, Stapleton said she hopes to empower Bliss employees to continue to pitch ideas and pursue partner opportunities within the confines of a communication and marketing lens, building organizational connectivity.

Prior to starting her career at Bliss, Stapleton worked for the state government of Vermont. 

The Bliss Group specializes in healthcare, financial, technology, business and professional services, prioritizing the combination of data science with storytelling to target audiences with precision, empathy and purpose, according to the firm.

Bliss reported a 33% increase in revenue to $22.1 million for its 2022 fiscal year. The firm also saw a 54% increase in staff size since the end of 2021. 

This article originally appeared in PRWeek.