Cityblock Health, a healthcare provider for Medicaid and lower-income Medicare beneficiaries, has tapped Dr. Kameron Matthews as chief health officer. Matthews joins the organization from the Veterans Health Administration, where she most recently served as chief medical officer. Matthews is also the co-founder of the nonprofit Tour for Diversity in Medicine.

“Transforming our healthcare system has been my passion and my life’s work, and to continue this at Cityblock is an honor,” Matthews said in a statement. “The pandemic has further highlighted the deep disparities that exist within our healthcare system. I’m looking forward to supporting Cityblock to scale their approach to community care, a model built specifically to meet the complex needs of this population.”

Other recent hires and newly appointed board members include chief people officer Ara Tucker, chief administrative officer Susan Brown, chief marketing officer Andrea Zahumensky and directors Deval Patrick, Yvette Bright and Nagraj Kashyap.