Ogilvy Health has named Renata Florio chief creative officer.

Florio started in this role this week. She reports to Andrew Schimer, co-president of Ogilvy Health, and is replacing Sam Dolin.

“I’m very excited to step into a place where I can help further elevate the work and the creative,” Florio said. “It’s like a sandbox with many brands in multiple categories.”

Ogilvy Health works with brands across the healthcare industry with clients in oncology, diabetes, allergy, pet health and more, Florio said. She will oversee Ogilvy Health’s four executive creative directors in this new role.

Previously, Florio spent three years as global executive creative director for health and wellness in Ogilvy’s New York office. This role at Ogilvy Health will expand her leadership remit to offices across the U.S., she said.

“I always had the attitude that there isn’t something you can’t say in health, although there are rules and FDA regulations you have to be respectful of, that applies to other industries as well,” Florio said. “As a creative, you just have to keep pushing and insisting. If I can’t say something in this way, what about this or how about another way? It’s more about being relentless. As creators, we have to keep pushing it in order to find a way and I love the challenge.”

Prior to her tenure at Ogilvy, she held creative leadership roles at FCB and Wing. She began her career in creative roles at global agencies in Brazil, including Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis and BBDO.

“For me, it’s a story I will want to tell my grandchildren,” she said. “Health has never been so important and being appointed as creative lead in the health business at Ogilvy Health during a pandemic, it’s a big story and something that really makes me proud.”