Zaritsky joined PulseCX in 2012 as president and played a key role in rebranding the agency.

PulseCX promoted David Zaritsky to president and CEO this month. He succeeds Jay Bolling, who will fill the newly created role of executive chairman.

Zaritsky joined PulseCX in 2012 as president and played a key role in rebranding the agency. It was formerly known as Roska Healthcare Advertising and has since transitioned  from a direct-marketing shop into a multichannel agency.

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Zaritsky reports to Bolling and manages a team of 60 staff. In the new role, he is charged with cultivating internal company culture, managing client relationships, developing strategic plans, and pursuing new business opportunities.

“We’re talking to mid-sized pharma companies that want to create better customer experiences, but don’t know how,” Zaritsky said. “The specialty brands are the ones that are going to take risks. They want to create these very concierge, customizable experiences because that’s how companies engage with consumers outside of pharma.”

Zaritsky added that he sees PulseCX’s role as framers of client stories in a way that incorporates all the senses. That could include using visuals, softer lights, or scents.

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PulseCX recently became agency of record for Allergan’s glaucoma franchise. The agency has been tasked with creating experiences and driving engagement for the company’s brands at all stages of the patient journey.

“We dove into who are the characters of the story that they’re trying to influence and set up a collection of perceptions,” Zaritsky said.

As for Bolling, he is staking out potential partners for PulseCX. “It’s still in the investigation stage. Maybe we’d integrate with a VR company looking to do more in healthcare,” he explained.