Rauxa has taken another step into health and wellness by bringing on Mindy Telmer as creative director. 

Telmer joined the agency this week, reporting to executive creative director Adan Romero. She will work closely with agency healthcare lead Karl Tiedemann, EVP and director of health and wellness.

“From a creative standpoint, we’re pushing boundaries on how we approach things,” Telmer said. “In order to do something differently, you have to be with people who have a different mindset. Having a leadership team coming from a different perspective and founding a creative team to go to different places [in health and wellness], that’s what enticed me. It will be a springboard for creating work that moves that needle.”

Rauxa said in April that it is planning to focus on its health and wellness portfolio, which includes clients Celgene, Weight Watchers, Piedmont and Blue Shield of California. It brought on Tiedemann a month earlier to lead the newly formed health group. 

Tiedemann said the agency decided to establish the health-focused group because more clients in the space, particularly pharma companies, began inviting Rauxa to pitch. The agency began staffing a health team that mixes healthcare experts and its creative staff, a group that typically works with consumer and corporate clients. 

“These clients were looking to go outside the traditional agencies on their rosters,” he said. “They know they have agencies that understand the healthcare space really well and didn’t feel they were getting the best industry expertise outside of healthcare. Rauxa realized we were getting a lot of invites to these pitches because clients wanted more.” 

Tiedemann and Telmer noted that mixing healthcare and non-healthcare marketers is challenging the traditional way of doing things while adhering to regulation. 

“We’re dealing with the frustration of hearing, ‘This is the way we’ve always done it,’” Tiedemann said. “One of the most powerful tools I’ve seen Rauxa apply is to question why or why not. These are challenges marketers have been faced with for years, and we’re challenging why it’s been done this way. In some ways it’s like when a child is asking questions about why the world is a certain way.”

Previously, Telmer was EVP and creative director for Nitrogen; SVP and creative director at Harrison & Star; and executive creative director at Lawrence and Company. Earlier in her career, she worked in creative roles at Juice Pharma, Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare, and Sudler & Hennessey.