Syneos Tim Pantello
Tim Pantello, Syneos

Syneos Health has appointed Tim Pantello president of its communications group.

Pantello oversees the advertising, public relations, medical communications and managed markets teams in this newly created role. He joined the organization in January and reports to Michelle Keefe, president of commercial solutions.

“I’ve worked at many companies and networks during my 20-plus year career and I wanted to be at an organization that could solve clients’ real challenges in the best way possible, putting clients at the center of the work,” Pantello said. “Other organizations might have had many of the services clients want and need, but it can be hard for clients to unlock that.”

Pantello said it was drawn to Syneos because of the breadth of services it offers, which can bring drugs from pre-clinical development all the way to advertising campaigns. 

As he takes leadership of Syenos’ communications group, he wants to ensure that clients from other parts of the organization fully understand the comms capabilities. He also plans to focus on integrating data and building the best talent.

“The market’s evolving, we’re seeing consulting companies buy creative agencies and creative agencies try to create consultancies,” Pantello said. “What everyone is seeking are better insights and deeper insights. What’s unique about us is we’re 100% dedicated and focused in health services and specifically the biopharmaceutical industry. When you look at everybody else, there are companies who are lookalikes in certain aspects, but no one has the scale and scope we have.”

Previously, Pantello was managing director at PwC where he led commercial, clinical and digital health teams. Earlier in his career, Pantello held leadership roles at Digitas Health, Tribal DDB and Havas Life. He began his career in sales at Sanofi.