One of the best things about DTC advertising is that it can give voice to ailments or symptoms that no one wants to talk about, even with (or especially with) their doctor. DTC can make people aware that there may be new treatment options for a problem or condition they have suffered with in silence. One of these conditions is well known to women “of a certain age” and, as this delightful campaign from Noven’s Brisdelle shows us, often family, partners and co-workers, too.

Brisdelle is a non-hormonal treatment for menopausal hot flashes, as well as general grumpiness. The :60 ad for Brisdelle demonstrates the condition through problem/solution vignettes of women at work and at leisure. The campaign is informative but not heavy-handed, providing just enough lightness to be hopeful.

We see a branding tie-in, with violet curtains in the back­ground as the situations are resolved. But while this is a sign of strong branding, the surrealness of those curtains may send a second signal—that viewers are trapped watching another Rx ad.

The agency did a great job executing a fully integrated effort. The website, banners, print and TV all combine to create an effective announcement to menopausal women: They have a new treatment choice to help them feel better.

Deborah Dick-Rath is the president of Epic Proportions, a healthcare communications consultancy. She can be reached at [email protected]