What do you do if you are an innovative but small “David” of an allergy nasal spray that has to do battle with a “Goliath”—in this case, an iconic bee? If you’re the Omnaris team at Sepracor, you bring out your best troops for battle.

The first time I saw the commercials with their battalion of helmeted soldiers “launching” their brand weapon to orders such as “Omnaris to the nose!” I thought I was looking at an outtake from Woody Allen’s Everything You Always Wanted to Know. But multiple viewings revealed a commercial that effectively communicates exactly what the product can do—relieve nasal allergy symptoms like inflammation. The commercial executes against the “doing battle” theme through language and imagery. An officer commands the troops as they combat and fight those nasty nasal symptoms. The soldiers’ uniforms reflect the brand colors, and in one version, they stand at attention for the fair balance.

Memorable? Yes. Well branded? Yes. Unique and distinctive creative? Yes (just don’t tell Woody Allen). What’s more, there’s a key emotional aspect at play in these spots—they convey a sense of rescue and safety. That is reassurance. After all, wouldn’t like a personal army to help you with your worst allergy symptoms? Achoo! Achtung! Omnaris!

Deborah Dick-Rath is SVP, healthcare practice leader, at FactorTG. [email protected]