Mylan executive chairman Robert Coury told investors that he would consider buying Teva despite rebuffing three unsolicited bids from the company and recently criticizing its culture as “dysfunctional,” according to Reuters. He added that Mylan may be more receptive to combining with Teva if Mylan were the buyer and if the transaction occurred after its proposed deal to acquire Perrigo closed. A combined deal between Teva and Mylan would create a company that would control 25% of the US generic market and could invite antitrust scrutiny.

GlaxoSmithKline and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will launch a research center with the goal of curing HIV. The university and drugmaker will also jointly own a new company, called Qura Therapeutics, which will manage intellectual property and business matters related to the partnership, according to The Wall Street Journal. GSK recently reignited its interest in treating HIV by electing not to spin off its stake in ViiV Healthcare—a business it shares with Pfizer and Shionogi—which develops drugs that treat the virus.

The FDA approved a Roche diagnostic test meant to help physicians select treatments for patients with advanced colorectal cancer. The Cobas KRAS Mutation Test is designed to detect mutation in the KRAS gene and can be performed in hours, according to Roche. The test identifies patients who do not carry KRAS mutations and could benefit from treatments like Eli Lilly’s Erbitux and Amgen’s Vectibix, according to PharmaTimes.

Another generic player, Endo, acquired Aspen for $130 million. The South African drugmaker reported $28 million in revenue for 2014. The deal would add a portfolio of both generic and branded products—including pain, anti-infective and specialty drugs. The acquisition also includes nearly 70 pipeline drugs, according to Endo.

Eli Lilly licensed the rights of an experimental drug, TT701, to Transition Therapeutics. The drug has been shown to increase lean body mass and muscle strength in trial subjects, while also reducing fat levels in the body. Lilly will receive $1 million upfront but stands to gain $100 million in potential milestones, according to PMLiVE.