Most ADHD prescription medications are written for adults as opposed to children, according to data from Vyvanse drugmaker Shire. Bloomberg Business reported that drugmaker data showed adults accounted for around 53% of all ADHD prescriptions last year, compared to 39% in 2007. Bloomberg attributed part of the uptick to an increase in adult diagnoses.

The FDA approved The Medicine Company’s anticlotting drug Cangrelor 10 years after asking the drugmaker to review its 11,000-patient Champion-Phoenix trial. Reuters reported that the drugmaker has since poured around $200 million developing the intravenous medication it licensed from AstraZeneca in 2003. TMC expects the drug to be on the market by July.

TransCelerate is creating software that may cut some of pharma’s drug-development costs by 10%. Computer Weekly reported that the business process management system’s goal is to create a system that will track drug composition and keep supplies flowing so as not to disrupt clinical trials. More than 20 drug companies, including Pfizer and Roche, provide the nonprofit’s funding.

Pharma is not the only industry struggling to provide consumers with key messages. A survey by marketing software firm Marketo said that 63% of the 2,200 consumers it surveyed said companies rely on generic messaging. The survey indicated personalized, platform-specific messaging would help build goodwill.

About 37% of polled patients put off annual checkups because they do not remember when they last visited a physician, according to a survey by ZocDoc. The appointment-booking service said its survey of 2,183 adults showed 82% of women put off preventative care visits compared to 78% of men, and that 66% of women will put off seeing a doctor right away if they feel poorly, compared to 52% of men.