It is always intriguing to see the topics most popular with our readers in the year-end tally of MM&M’s most visited and tweeted news stories and features.


While this list is a useful check on the subjects most engaging for readers, careful followers of this site will not be surprised. Stories on the development and launch-to-market of promising drugs, transforming changes in healthcare delivery with evolving technology and practice models, and marketers’ embrace of beyond-the-pill tactics with doctors and patient communities represent the topics and trends we have been covering comprehensively over the last 12 months.

So, without further ado, here are our most viewed and shared stories of 2014:


1. Growing restrictions on sales reps call for adapting promotional strategies. Click here for the full story.




2. OTC Nexium launches amid generic uncertainty. Click here for the full story.

3. Pipeline Report 2015: Dream Drugs. Click here for the full story.


4. Did you make the cut? Announcing the year’s MM&M Awards finalists. Click here for the full story

5. Exclusive new research: Healthcare Marketers Trend Report. Click here for the full story.



6. MM&M 2014 Company of the Year: Amgen. Click here for the full story.



7. FDA eases rules on ads in social media. Click here for the full story.




8. EHR deal puts Merck in the exam room. Click here for full story. 



9. The Pharma Report 2014: New Cycle of Life. Click here for the full story.



10. Top 100 agencies of 2014. Click here for the full story.