DTP marketer MTI has launched a new multi-channel communication product. Titled Director, the product assesses physician prescribing patterns and other characteristics to determine the most effective way to deliver marketing materials, including drug samples.

“We look at doctors’ individual characteristics, and decide each week who to target. Director starts by identifying those physicians responsible for generating 80% of a brand’s volume,” says Anthony Bianciella, VP, marketing, at MTI. Other characteristics, such as how a doctor interacts with sales reps, how he or she distributes samples and whether or not the doctor’s practice is growing, are also collected and measured. “We then use that information to decide how to reach the doctor, whether it’s telemarketing, telesales, emails, or drug samples,” says Bianciella.

Bianciella says Director, like a really good sales rep who knows his doctor, can communicate on that same level. “Many times sales reps use drug samples just to get in the door [to see physicians]. We decide what makes sense based on the data, and that isn’t necessarily samples. We’re not going to throw samples at doctors—we use them where they’ll have the most impact and most benefit.”
Director is based on a “communication matrix” developed by MTI that utilizes “letters, emails, telemarketing scripts and samples in conjunction with brands and agencies.”