1. There is a backlog of applications for 4,300 generic drugs that have not yet been approved by the FDA. The agency says drugmakers submit sloppy and incomplete” applications, while pharma companies argue that there is little incentive to pursue the generic drug business if the approval process is so slow. (Stat News)

2. KaloBios Pharmaceuticals said two of its board members resigned following the recent arrest of its former CEO Martin Shkreli for securities charges stemming from his time leading another company. The drugmaker had fired Shkreli, who started his tenure there as CEO in November. (WSJ)

3. In India the 11 drugmakers licensed by Gilead Sciences to market Sovaldi there costs as little as $4.29 as a result of the competition. The companies also sponsor hepatitis-C screening drives, provide free test kits to hospitals and give bulk discounts to villages. (Bloomberg Business)

4. Several states are changing the way they approach the treatment of patients with schizophrenia. The new approach focuses on supportive services like therapy and school assistance as well as medication. One aspect of the program focuses on stronger collaboration in medication decisions so that patients do not choose to stop taking drugs due to side effects. (NYT)

5. ICYMI: Drugmakers have little economic incentive to develop therapies that prevent cancer. Pharma companies can make more money marketing drugs that extend life by a few months, according to MIT researchers. (NYT)