When it comes to the reversal of abortion rights in the U.S., a storm that has been brewing for years is finally here. But women can’t be afraid to walk right into that storm to fight to reclaim their rights. 

That’s the message Planned Parenthood is sending to women in light of the Supreme Court’s decision on June 24 to overturn Roe v. Wade, stripping access to legal abortions for millions of American women. 

The film Force of Nature, created by Vice Media-owned creative agency Virtue, is a call-to-arms for women to join forces in the fight for abortion rights.

The foreboding spot follows a diverse handful of women of different ages and backgrounds going throughout their days while a storm threatens outside. Clips of news anchors reporting on a storm “unlike anything we’ve seen in 50 years” play in the background.  

A voice over says, “They’ve stolen our right to control our own bodies. Robbed our ability to decide our futures. And they plan to steal far more than abortion.” 

Hopeful music then ushers in images of women protesting together for their rights, as the voice-over continues: “We’re built for this. We don’t stand by. We walk into the storm and turn its raw force into something transformative.” 

The spot ends with the call-to-action: “Together, we are a force of nature,” which leads to a link to join Planned Parenthood’s Bans Off Our Bodies movement.

“It’s important to show the humanity of who this affects. And who is affected is not a monolith,” said Heather McTavish, group creative director at Virtue, in a statement. “It’s Black and brown women, and lower income women who will be affected most. Now it’s up to us to fight back together. To keep moving forward. And, to make sure all of our voices are heard. To make sure that we have the right to govern our own bodies.”

The campaign aired first on Planned Parenthood’s social channels and later on broadcast and streaming TV against English and Spanish news content. It also ran on news websites that cover politics, abortion and reproductive rights conversations.

“There’s always a rainbow after every storm,” said Sadé Clacken Joseph, director of the film, in a statement. “eMaking this video was cathartic, inspiring and really emotional not only for me but for everybody involved. I hope this piece encourages us to walk toward the storm we find ourselves in today and not be afraid to stand in it, together.”

This article originally appeared on Campaign US.